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My India 2016- Pushkar

We left Jodhpur behind and were on the way to our new destination Pushkar  which is located in the state of Rajasthan.This town is situated around 14 km (8.7 mi) northwest of Ajmer, separated from it by the Snake Mountain. Pushkar is considered as one of the five sacred dhams (pilgrimage site) for devout Hindus as well as a quite popular spot for travellers which makes the town an interesting mix of religious and touristy scenes.

After 8h of travel we finally arrived to Ajmer from where we needed to catch another bus to Pushkar. It was already quite late and pitch dark when we got on the bus. Miraculously, we managed to squeeze in the crowded bus with two bags each one in the front and another in the back. It took us nearly 45 minutes when we finally reached Pushkar. I was quite worried because we got there well after 10pm without any idea where to stay overnight!


When we got out from the bus we met a Korean couple who did not have any pre booked place either so we thought it would be safer to look for the hotel together. However, our companionship did not last long as our Korean friends decided to follow a stranger who wanted to do them a ‘favour’ and show a nice place to stay! As we do not like that sort of ‘favours’ we already knew we would stay somewhere else, anyway we followed them in the hope to find some hotels nearby.

It may sound funny but we actually lost them! We stopped only for a split second to check google maps and they took a turn to one little dark street but when we got there they just simply disappeared.

So yes we were lost, not a single person on the street and no idea where to even start looking for the place to stay!

After wondering around for about 20 min we bumped in on some random guy on the motorbike who asked us if we were lost and if we needed any help.

I’ve explained to him our situation so he offered to bring us to the hotel of his friend.

Yes, 20min earlier we did not trust the first guy who was taking the Korean couple to some hotel and here we are on the way to some random place with another stranger. Maybe after all going with the first guy was not such a bad idea.

One way or the other just before midnight we arrived to Hotel Akash.

It was quite a journey I have to say.


Following day we took a walk around Pushkar to get the feeling of the place. Beautiful architecture, little street, colorful markets and any sorts of animals wondering around the streets- cows, pigs and monkeys were just everywhere. The city is curled around a holy lake surrounded by 52 bathing ghats. The legend says that the lake was formed when Brahma who dropped a lotus flower.

Photo-26969 Photo-26805 Photo-26704 Photo-26714 Photo-26893 Photo-15874 Photo-15870 Photo-26725

On day 2 I hired the motorbike to go on the trip outside of Pushkar. In fact that was also my day off from taking photographs but I still managed to grab one or 2 shots with my phone!

Photo-07 Photo-15955

In the evening time we returned to Pushkar and we headed over to the holy lake for the beautiful sunset.




Our 3rd day in Pushkar we started with the climbing the mountain early in the morning with the hope of getting couple of shots of the sunrise but that did not happened! It was a dull morning so I settled with few shots of the city from the top and couple of photographs of monkeys!


Photo-15966 Photo-15972 Photo-16019

Later that day we went around temples and streets to capture as much as possible of this magical place.

Photo-26824 Photo-26833 Photo-26845

Overall our 3 days stay in Pushkar were more about relaxing and getting the energy level back then anything else!

…energy that we would need for our next overnight bus travel from Pushkar to Agra to see famous Taj Mahal.

Thank you and stay tuned…


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