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My India 2016- Mumbai

After 3 weeks spent in Poland for Christmas and New Year it was a time to pack bags for India. To be honest myself and Marcelina we were so tired after Poland that we were thinking to get to India and head over to Goa for a week to rest and get some sun! But original plan was to go opposite direction- North East of India!

So we took our first flight from Warsaw to London and we had 3 hours to kill before our next flight to Mumbai at 9 pm. Flight was slightly delayed but we finally took off. I didn’t close my eye even for a minute while in the air and after more or less 8 hours and experiencing beautiful sunrise over Iran we touched down in Mumbai!

IMG_7267 IMG_5810 IMG_4300IMG_4261

I was so excited and felt fresh as a daisy but Marcelina was ready for bed! We took a bus and train to get to central Mumbai and our hotel. After a quick shower in our “Deluxe Double Bedroom” we were ready to explore the city. I had my gear and I was ready to shoot anything on my way! If you never been in India first time impression is nearly too much to take in at once… I’m not going explain this- you just have to experience it!

It was a late afternoon and we decided to go and see famous Gateway Of India, which was about 30 minutes walk from our hotel.


Just when we got there we were instantly at the center of attention as we were white and everyone wanted to have a photograph taken with us. Very quickly my “natural instinct” kicked in and I turn this attention to my advantage as I had many of very interesting people to photograph! On the way back we decided to grab some Samosa and Bananas and we headed back to the Hotel.

Photo-14149 Photo-14151 Photo-14180 Photo-14187 Photo-14193 Photo-14201 Photo-14203 Photo-24407 Photo-24410

Next morning I could hardly open my eyes when my ambitious plan to get up for sunrise felt apart. Marcelina was the clever one as she knew we weren’t going anywhere at this crazy o’clock in the morning. So a few ours later a plan B was formed and we decided to go and see old part of Mumbai and a few famous markets around the area. I knew there would be opportunity for some street photography and my beloved Sigma 35mm Art lens.

We started exploring the streets surrounding Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus formally know as the Victoria Station.

Photo-24443 Photo-14221 Photo-14229 Photo-24430 Photo-24438 Photo-24497 Photo-24444 Photo-24467

Then we headed for markets in ancient Bazaar district, which is famous for labyrinthine lanes and stalls.

Photo-24864 Photo-24997 Photo-24627 Photo-24743 Photo-14313 Photo-24589 Photo-24544

This area is so vast that even a few hours of walking is not enough to see it all…

Next Stop Nashik!


Thanks, Marek

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