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My India 2016- Nasik

Mumbai behind with rather bitter aftertaste just because we didn’t spend there enough time. Anyway now we were faced with a 5h bus journey North East direction from Mumbai to the place called Nasik (Nashik) situated also in Maharashtra state. It’s the third largest city in the region and it’s considered as a holy city by worshippers of god Rama.

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We arrived to Nasik late afternoon and while traveling we got to chat to the polite mid age native of Nasik who very quickly offered his help in finding a cheap and save hotel for us- there is no travel guide that will match his knowledge! Quick shower in the hotel and I’m fully charged and ready to explore the city. We took a walk towards the Godavari River. Colorful little streets full of life welcomed us with breathtaking architecture and the feeling of traveling back in time.

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It was already getting dark but we decided to find a popular Rama temple. As we were heading toward the temple we heard the sound of trumpets and drums. Soon after we saw the procession of Rama devotees carrying a statue of their god. They were making stops every few minutes at the specially marked places with some sort of white powder on the pavement in the shape of flowers. As you can imagine I was right there asking for the permission to take couple of photos. I’ve got big smile, blessing from their god and exclusive “press pass” to photograph…

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By the time we reached final destination we had absolutely no clue how far we went and where we were! As we were planning to find our way back to the hotel one elderly gentleman invited us back to his shop right around to show us something “special” as he described! For some reason I trusted him and without thinking twice we were heading towards his place surrounded by the big gang of young people we were more interested in us than anything else. It turned out the older gentlemen whose name was Bhalchandra Jagale and he was a musician who decided to treat us to his private saxophone session. As you can imagine at this stage I was busy at work again!

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What an eventful and unexpected evening we had. It took us about an hour of walking to reach the hotel and it was close to 10pm but despite the fact we traveled more then 6 hours that day and being completely exhausted we went out for dinner to close by restaurant to finish off our flying but productive visit to Nasik….

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To get to the next place on our trip it will take us 18.5h on the bus North direction from Nasik. It will be a ride to remember!

Stay tuned… Marek


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