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My India 2016- Jodhpur

We left our hotel in Udaipur at 7:30am to catch the bus to Jodhpur which was leaving at 8am.

Our rickshaw arrived on time so we had just enough time at the bus station to pick up 2 bottles of water! …and we were on the way.

This time around our so called private bus was dirty, packed with people and bloody uncomfortable. We already knew it was going to be a long long journey…


Photo-15612 Photo-15634

After nearly 8 hours drive with 2 or 3 short stops for food and  leg stretching we arrived to Jodhpur called the Blue City- blue color means the home of the Brahmin. It was after 3pm local time.

This place was much different from Udaipur. Very noisy streets packed with people. Just as we exit the bus rickshaw drivers were right on top of us to offer their “white person tariff” for their services! This usually is 3 times more then regular price!


First thing first we needed to find was the place to stay- we already had recommendation by Kamlesh- the really nice guy who was born in India but his family moved to the US when he was a child. It happened he had been in Jodhpur few days before we met.

So we left the bus station on foot with all our gear and then was a time to get a rickshaw off the street. First guy we stopped asked for 80 rupees to the Clock Tower instead of 300 rupees at the bus station but we settled for 50 rupees!

When we arrived at the Clock Tower, the rickshaw driver was trying to convince us to choose the place to stay recommended by him as this would usually give him 40% commission and for us overpriced stay!

We were now in the heart of town so I pulled out my phone to see how far we were from the place recommended by our friend in Udaipur.

We were only 2 min on foot from Heaven Guest House- happy days!

Photo-26329 Photo-26331

After checking in, shower and 15min rest we went to the rooftop hotel restaurant for a meal. From there we had magnificent view on the very popular fort and massive wall surrounding the city.


We took a stroll through the narrow streets of Jodhpur and busy market place located near the Clock Tower. Marcelina decided to buy one or two thing in the market while I was snapping around. On the way back we stopped at this famous omelette place recommended by Lonley Planet which was running since 1960’s. Owner allowed me the take a few snaps and then  it was time for bed after this busy day.


Photo-15653 Photo-26367 Photo-26391 Photo-26414

Next morning I had to drop my ripped pants to the tailor and right after then we made our way to the fort. We decided to walk there as it was only 20min from town. This was again opportunity to take few snaps as we were walking.

Photo-15729 Photo-15739

We arrived at the Mehrangarh Fort which is one of the largest forts in India. Built around 1460 by Rao Jodha, the fort is situated 410 feet (125 m) above the city and is enclosed by imposing thick walls.

We spent there for over 2 hours taking photos and enjoying the sunshine.

Photo-26602 Photo-26607 Photo-26612 Photo-26558 Photo-15761 Photo-26593

We left our Guest House before 2pm and headed to the bus station to take a bus to Ajmer and from Ajmer to Pushkar. This means late night arrival to Pushkar with no hotel or recommendation!

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